Matthew A. Hawkins – Videographer

The Valley Votes team has pulled off a miracle.  We have secured a local legend and videographer extraordinaire to shoot our municipal candidates interviews.  Matthew A. Hawkins has agreed to a 2 day session in which he will interview, videotape and edit those

Matthew A. Hawkins

who wish to have their voice heard.  This is great news.

As you know, The Valley Votes website has been put together by volunteers to help support and encourage an increase in voting.  We interviewed tons of local residents and found that most people simply didn’t know where to get information about those who are running in the elections.  To that end we put together this website with the main focus being on a virtual all candidates meeting via video interviews.  This is where Matt comes in.

Matt brings to the table years of video experience.  He is an award winning director and producer and enjoys being part of the creative process.  He has won two nation awards, one with Ford and Cineplex and the other with Discovery World HD, not to mention his honourable mention with a Vancouver Canucks video contest.  His company, Hawkins Media, exists to share your product, message and business with the world.  We at The Valley Votes team are very excited to have Matt on board.  You can learn more about Matt and his company on his website by clicking on the following link:

The final day for the candidates to declare is October 14th.  We have hired Matt for October 17th and 18th to shoot the interviews.  If you are running in this years election please let us know.  We will send you a letter explaining the purpose of The Valley Votes website and set up a time for your interview.  The interview is all about you.  There is no hidden agenda, no staged questions, it’s simply a way for you to express yourself to the public via social media.  If you decide against the video we are more than happy to have a picture of you on the site with your bio.

The Valley Votes Team

October 6, 2011



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